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Stay Dry Never Wet

Extend the Life of Your Soft Surfaces with

Our Fabric Waterproofing Protection

From outdoor furniture to coats to shoes, it seems that you are always fighting off damage caused by water and the growth of mold and mildew. At NANO4LIFE Europe L.P., we produce a line of products using nanotechnology that allows your fabrics and soft surfaces to repel water without affecting appearance, performance, or longevity. Our furniture and carpet waterproofing products are perfect for anybody that loves to live their life out in the elements without sacrificing style.
One-Step Furniture and Carpet Waterproofing that Lasts
When you apply NANO4-Furniture to your durable textiles, it creates a seamless layer of silicone that bonds to the fabric of the carpet or furniture. The result is a thoroughly waterproof surface that sheds water, coffee, wine, and even sticky sugar-soaked foods while leaving behind no stain or discoloration. Simply spray and let dry for 24 hours and you will be able to enjoy your items for years to come while only rinsing them down or vacuuming with necessary.
Repels Water to Resist Growth of Contaminants
Since the slippery silicone refuses to let dirt and grime collect on your furniture and carpets, mold and mildew have a much harder time to begin to grow. Nanotechnology has allowed us to create a product that easily bonds to most fabrics and lasts for several years before a reapplication is necessary. Watch water roll right off, which allows your outdoor furniture to dry off in the sun in just minutes.
Nanotechnology Creates an Enduring Bond for Impressive Performance
Our fabric waterproofing protection actually bonds with upholstery at the molecular level, which means that NANO4-LIFE products will not wash away when you need to give everything a really good cleaning. It stands up to plenty of foot traffic, children, and pets while maintaining the like-new appearance of the furniture and carpet. It also serves as a carpet waterproofing system so you can enjoy the look of area rugs on your patio and deck while protecting them.
Keeping It Clean with Stay Dry Neverwet Products
Whether it is your home, restaurant, hotel, or outdoor entertainment venue, maintain the beautiful appearance of furniture using our full line of nanotechnology products. Call or click today for a complete product catalog of all our stay dry neverwet products created in Athens, Greece.

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